The Fun Begins When
You Roll the Dice!

Dice games create excitement, providing enjoyable social activities for friends and families. Discover easy to learn instructions and free scoring sheets to enjoy many popular games. Explore information on their long history. Find interesting photos and art, including tattoos!

Did you know that these little cubes are the oldest gaming equipment known to man? It’s true. They have fascinated men and women for centuries. Roll them and you'll discover why.

They capture the imagination like nothing else, holding a player's fortune and fate with each roll. To understand the depth of this fascination, look at the great variety of games you can play or products you can buy ---hats, shirts, jewelry, cuff links, candles, art and much more.

Every roll brings new hope and possibility…and lots of fun! Your heart beats with anticipation. You can feel the excitement. Which numbers will turn up?

Playing games with friends created many great memories for me. My first game back in high school sparked my interest. In college, I earned a nickname for teaching my friends how to play. (Hint: My nickname started with the letter "D".)

By now, you’ve likely guessed that I’m hooked. I’ll admit it. Now, I am sharing my enthusiasm on this web site. Do you want to…

• Learn how to play?

• Read about their history?

• Discover educational math games for kids?

• Understand the lingo?

• Find information on where to buy them and themed products?

Great! You’re in the right place and I’m glad you’re here.

You'll find each page packed with information on games, products, art and more. Like marbles, dice come in many colors and styles. You'll be amazed at the colors and variety that exist.

To showcase them, I've put a "Dice on Display" section at the bottom of each page. You'll find a different photo on each page so be sure to look for it.

Please click one of the buttons or links to keep on rolling into some great content you're sure to enjoy.

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How to Play Dice Games
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Dice Games with Boards, Cards, Tiles and More
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Free Dice Games Online
I'll show you where to find free dice games on web sites or for play on mobile devices, proving that dice have gone digital in a big way.
Dice Art: Tattoos, Pictures and More
Whether you see it on a canvas, a bicep, a photo or a computer screen, dice art will capture your attention.
History of Dice
Inquiring about the history of dice? It is an interesting tale from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the modern Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas…
Buy Dice and Dice Themed Products
The best online collection of information on where to buy dice and dice-themed products.
All About Each Dice Manufacturer
Up to date information on each dice manufacturer, including products, descriptions, contact info and where to buy.
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