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You want to buy dice and now your search just got easier.
You've found the best organized assortment of dice-themed product
information anywhere on the web! I can make that claim because it is true.

The world wide web is a marvelous place, but I found it lacking an information site
dedicated to all types of dice-themed products....until now. I've searched the web for dice
and a variety of dice-themed products. I took notes along the way so I can share them with you.

You can find info on where to buy dice themed products like
dice jewelry, car audio experts dice electronics, dice candles, bunco supplies,
home decorations and clothing. Electronic dice are also popular. This is a dice extravaganza!

Oh, and there's plenty of info if you want to buy dice for games too.

Find Your Dice Products

Many of the dice products can fit into the categories below.
You'll find cool dice-themed products like belt buckles,lamps, boxer shorts, tongue rings,
earrings, bags, lighters, shirts, party supplies and many more creative, interesting items.

You may also try the custom dice search engine located on this page.

Dice and Accessories
Dice Clothes and Accessories
Dice Costumes and Party Supplies
Dice Jewelry
Dice Decor
Miscellaneous Products

Normally, flaming dice products would be scattered throughout the categories above.
Instead, I created their own flaming dice page because of their popularity and distinctive style.

Buy Dice and Accessories

Dice with Cup
Game On!

Dice, dice baby. With so many to colors, sizes and styles to choose, how can you pick a favorite? Most dice are made from plastic resin, but metal dice and wooden dice offer interesting alternatives.

Size Matters

Size matters when you buy dice, plain and simple. For six sided dice, sizes start at 5 millimeters (mm), which we can call 5MM mini dice. Then the size increases to 8MM dice, 12MM dice and 16MM dice, which is considered the "standard" size. On the larger end of the scale, there are 19MM dice and 25 MM large dice. Anything bigger than that will likely be novelty dice instead of gaming dice. For example, there are 47MM dice weighing a quarter of a pound!

Sides Matter

Six Sided Standard Dice

Games, especially role playing games (rpg), require you to buy dice with a specific number of sides. Six sided dice, commonly called standard dice, are also abbreviated as D6. Buy six sided dice in a wide variety of colors and specialties. Las Vegas casino dice are 6 sided and 19MM in size. Polyhedral dice are multi sided. This description then includes 8 Sided dice, 10 sided dice, 12 sided dice, 20 sided dice, and 30 sided dice. Crazy as it may seem, there's even 100 sided dice, or d100. I haven't counted them all to be sure, but I'm willing to believe there are 100 sides.

Polyhedral Dice
Polyhedral Dice

Dice Colors

There are more colors of dice than grains of sand on the beach. Well, almost. There are a lot, that's my point. Buy dice in popular colors, like blue dice, black dice and red dice, with multiple shades and variations, like opaque, gem, marbleized, pearl and translucent. Seeing is believing. The best thing to do is look at 6 sided color dice and polyhedral color dice to find the one most appealing to you.


Stone Dice

Botswana Agate Stone Dice

Stone dice offer the same look as dice made from plastic or resin. However, the feel and weight
of the dice in your hand reveals their origin and quality. You can buy dice made from exquisite
Jade, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise, Obsidian, Agate and more.

Red Jasper Stone Dice

Metal Dice

Not just metal, but precious metal, sterling silver dice and gold plated dice will WOW your fellow gamers.

A new dice manufacturer has emerged, producing some impressive looking metal dice. The web site, IronDie, has crafted stunning, artistic dice from metal. They can be used for any dice game, but are also designed to be used for the Irondie game. Below you'll see a photo of their products:

Irondie metal dice

Novelty Dice

The category novelty dice covers a large variety of dice. Sometimes called specialty dice, these dice often have a symbol or picture on one side, like black skull dice. You can buy dice with animals, creatures or objects are etched on a side too. Cool choices include dragon dice or soccer dice or eagle dice.

Here's a fun novelty dice with the image of a black fish on bright green dice.

Green Dice with Black Fish

Novelty dice also include humorous choices, like PC Diagnostic Dice and 12 Sided Rock, Paper, Scissors Dice.

Oh, and if you're looking to buy dice, don't forget spinning dice for an interesting twist on playing games!

You'll find the popular three "F's", flaming dice, foreplay dice and hanging fuzzy dice here too. If you're interested in the 4th "F", well there's food. Roll some pizza dice to help decide what toppings to put on your next pizza pie. Other types of dice include glow in the dark dice, japanese dice and blank dice. For adult fun, you can buy dice with a variety of adult themes, such as: bachelorette drinking dice, drinkers dice and sexy dice.

Glow in the Dark Dice

Glow in the Dark Lemon Colored Dice

If you're looking for stylish novelty dice, buy some rotten luck dice. There are 5 total, made with gold plated zinc alloy and Swarovski crystals. Each die has a symbol of luck, good or bad, engraved on it. You're sure to treasure them for a long time because it costs a pretty penny when you buy dice like these.

rotten luck dice

Buy Dice Accessories

Dice are great fun, easy to carry along with you and very low maintenance. A handful of accessories will help you enjoy these wonderful little gaming cubes even more.

A dice tray will provide you with a smooth rolling surface that won't damage your table top. Most are made from wood and have a felt lining to roll upon.

Wood Dice Tray

Dice cups and dice bags are two more useful accessories. Each player often needs one dice cup for rolling and concealing the dice. Dice cups also muffle the noise created when shaking dice inside a cup. A dice bag provides a travel pouch for your favorite dice. Many come with draw strings, a felt cloth exterior and a satin interior for a classy look.

Dice Bag

Fans of role playing games will enjoy the D20 dice bag, shaped like an over-sized d20 die.

Dice Handbag Kits

As your magnificent dice collection grows, you need a chest to store your treasure. Good news! There's a wooden treasure chest designed for storing dice. You can find them in medium and large, complete with secret compartments for hiding your extra special dice too.

Wooden Treasure Chest for Dice Storage

Visit a Local Game Store

Local game stores frequently sell dice and dice games too. These stores are small businesses in the community. Stop by one of these stores and ask, "What's new?". The owners and employees know their stuff and are happy to help. Consider them your local gaming expert.

Where is Your Favorite
Friendly, Local Game Store?

Have you found a fantastic friendly, local game store? Helpful staff? Great selection of dice and games? Passionate owner? Share your experience and details about your favorite store.

If you're a store owner or employee, feel free to tell us about your store too!

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Buy Dice Costumes and Party Supplies

Party time! Are you planning a casino-themed party? Looking for a wedding favor or gift box? Searching for a cool dice costume? Then you are in the right section. There are lots of good choices available.

With the popularity of dice-themed costumes, it made sense to devote an entire page to dice costumes and accessories. You'll find plenty of fun costume ideas including hats, glasses, necklaces and do-it-yourself instructions.

Everyone loves a party! There are great decorations and dice party supplies for a casino night or other dice-themed party. For Bunco players, you'll want to look at the page on bunco supplies to buy dice decorations and game supplies.

For those of you planning a wedding, you'll be pleased to know that plenty of choices exist for dice wedding favors.


These dice products are unique, quirky and cool that they often defy easy categorization. Find your favorite dice puzzle or view some of the products listed below.

Wow your friends by making spots disappear from these magic dice.
It is an easy to learn illusion that makes an impressive magic trick.

Dice Mirror Illusion

Guitar players and drummers can customize their instruments with accessories like guitar dice knobs, cymbal toppers and tuner keys.

guitar with dice

Looking to put some fun back into your exercise routine? The green Foam Fitness Dice Set features extra large dice. With pictures of activities on one side, you roll them and start exercising. Let's hope your luck is good and you're not doing too many push ups!

Foam Fitness Dice Set

Speaking of fitness, why limit dice games to the indoors? Roll the dice outside too with the Lawn Dice Game.

Lawn Dice Game

Any cowboys out there? Well, I hope so because someone needs to wear this outstanding silver spur with dice design.

Here's one very unique tape measure:
Funky Tape Measure
Dice Tape Measure

Dice tape adds some fun to every handyman or do-it-yourselfer's toolbox.

Talk about unique, a personalized dice shoulder bag (don't call it a purse!) certainly qualifies:
Personalized Gift - dice bag
Personalized dice messenger bag

Don't take chances with Mother Nature. Carry a dice umbrella with you to stay dry and stand out on a rainy day. Ladies interested in adding dice style to their purse need a dice compact mirror. There's also a variation of this compact available with flaming dice. Ready to improve a boring bathroom? Add a red dice shower curtain for quirky fun.

Your personality will be on display when you carry along a dice vanity case. This distinctive, fun vanity case is also available in the colors red or black.

Dice are so versatile, there's even a place for them on your desk or in your office. This dice pencil holder adds style and function at the same time. (I'm sure you could even roll it, if you needed to.)

Dice and drinking often go hand in hand. The following products celebrate the union of these two great diversions. First, there are a dozen glass wine charms:

dice wine glass charms

Of course, wine glasses are required to use wine charms. Why not pick up a set of glasses decorated with Michael Godard's amazing art work?

Dice Wine Glasses with Michael Godard Art
Dice Wine Glasses with Godard Art

dice shot glass with Michael Goddard Art
Dice Shot Glasses with Godard Art

A silver and glass dice holder makes an elegant gift you can pick up for yourself, a friend or colleague:

Silver and Glass Dice Holder
Sterling Silver and Glass Dice Holder

From the elegant to the bad ass, check out these various lighters with dice images, shapes and styles:

Grateful Dead Skull Dice Lighter by Zippo
Zippo Lighter with Grateful Dead Skull Dice

Silver Lighter with Dice and Lucky Lady
Zippo Lighter with Lady Luck and Dice

For more realism, you can pull out a lighter shaped like a die:

Dice Torch Lighter
Lighter shaped like a Die.

Finally, this dice lighter shows us the ultimate stacked dice, ready to deliver a flame when called upon:

Lucky Dice Lighter
stacked dice lighter

Dice and Accessories
Clothing and Accessories
Dice Costumes and Party Supplies
Dice Jewelry
Home and Office
Miscellaneous Products

Normally, flaming dice products would be scattered throughout the categories above.
Instead, I created their own flaming dice page because of their popularity and distinctive style.

Searching Made Simple

I've created a custom search engine to help you find what you're looking for. Through my extensive dice research, I've found a number of sites with good dice products. The custom search engine below will help you. Use it to quickly pinpoint your search to several helpful, quality sites to buy dice. Save time with this focused, easy to use search tool.

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