Dice Electronics: IPod Adapters for Cars

Dice Electronics designs and manufactures iPod adapters for many car models. Often called dice iPod adapters, this electronic equipment connects your iPod to your car stereo system. Better still, the company's products are made in the USA and have been tested and approved by Apple Inc.

Dice iPod Adapters

The company offers 2 types of dice iPod adapters: universal integration or vehicle specific integration. Looking at the features of each one reveals their similarities and differences:

Universal Dice iPod Adapter:

As you might guess, this iPod adapter is designed to work in any car. It is also easy to transfer from one car to another if you and your iPod travel in multiple vehicles. Other features include:

1. Self-installation Option
2. Professional installatin Option
3. Static free music (if hard wire installed)
4. Text Display on FM-RDS compatible radios
5. iPod Charging

You can read more information on compatibility with iPod models, details on self install vs professional install by visiting the dice electronics specifications page.

Vehicle Specific Dice iPod Adapter:

The dice iPod adapter for specific vehicles includes the following features:

1. Integrated controls with your steering wheel, iPod or radio
2. Text display on your radio screen
3. Line Level Audio
4. Auxiliary Input
5. iPod-like browsing
6. iPod Charging

These iPod adapters are designed for specific model cars. The list of cars is impressive. Unless you're driving a 1960's Ford Mustang or Chevy Corvette, you've got good odds that the adaptor will work in your vehicle. Visit the company web site for a complete list of vehicles.

Where to Buy

The following online retailers sell these iPod adapter kits:

1. Amazon.com
2. Vivid Racing
3. Auto Anything
4. Dice Electronics company web site

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