Aces in Pot Dice Game

Black Dice with White Spots

The aces in pot dice game delivers fast paced fun with a simple, but challenging objective: To win the round (and the pot), be the last man or woman with a counter in your hand. That is a simple goal, yet difficult to achieve. Read the aces in pot dice game instructions to begin the fun. (You'll find a link to download instructions at the bottom of this page.)

Dice Game Instructions

Number of players:
2 or more

Number of dice:

More Game Gear:
1 dice cup for the game and 2 counters per player
Note: You can use your favorite currency in place of the counters.

Length of Game:
1 round or more.
I'd suggest fewer rounds with more than 3 people
unless you want a longer game.

How to Win:
Be the only player left with a counter to win
the aces in pot and the round.

How to Play

Second (and third) chances are my favorite feature of this game. Lose both of your counters? Don't leave the table, but watch and wait. You may be able re-enter the game during at any time.

Here's how to play:

1. Each player begins each round with 2 counters.

2. Each round, players take turns rolling, with the first player throwing 2 dice.

Example: Max, Danielle and James sit down to play. Max begins the round by rolling a "5" and a "1", or "ace".

3. If an ace is thrown, the player who rolled it must put one counter in the pot per ace.

Example: Max must put 1 counter into the pot for the ace he rolled.

4. In a clockwise rotation, the first player then hands both dice to the next person.

Example: Max hands the dice to Danielle who rolls a "6" and a "1".

5. If a "6" is thrown, the player who rolled it must give one counter, per "6", to the player to their immediate left.

Example: Danielle rolled one "6" and must give one counter to James, who sits to her left. She also rolled a "1" (or "ace") and must put her last counter into the pot.

6. Only players with counters may continue to take a turn throwing dice.

Example: Danielle lost both counters and sits out of this round for now. James takes his turn. Remember, he has three counters: One from Danielle plus his own two. James rolls two "1's". He places two counters in the pot and gives the dice to Max, sitting to his left.

7. When only one player has any counters left, he/she must throw both dice three times. Aces are not counted at this point. If no "6's" are thrown, he/she wins the aces in pot and the round.

Example: Let's assume that Max now has 3 counters and 3 counters sit in the pot. Danielle and James have none. Max rolls both dice once, twice, three times. The first two rolls don't produce a "6". On the third try, he rolls a "2" and a "6".

8. If a "6" is thrown, the dice and one counter are passed to the left. (If two "6's" are thrown but the player only has one counter left, that's fine. Just pass the last counter on.)

Example: Danielle is back in the game since she received one counter from Max. Max keeps the other 2 counters and play continues.

You can download a copy of the aces in pot dice game instructions to keep for your next game night. With second chances, it is quite easy for this game to stretch on longer than expected. So cheer for those "6's" (unless you're rolling) during the game to keep your chances alive.

May I Recommend...?

If you like the aces in pot game, I'd recommend liar's dice (my personal favorite) and Ship, Captain, Crew dice games too. Both are fun and challenging and liar's dice offers several variations to enjoy.

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