Comedian Andrew Dice Clay

With his dark comedy and sarcastic attitude, comedian Andrew Dice Clay is the anti-Fonzi. His trademarks include wearing black, smoking cigarettes during his act and hurling comedic insults. People love him or hate him. His act is not for kids due to vulgar language and adult themed jokes.

Here are two photos of the comedian, whose mutton chops make him look like Hugh Jackman as "Wolverine" in the X-Men movies. If you like a photo, click on it for more details.

Andrew 'Dice' Clay with cigarette
Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew 'Dice' Clay
Comedian Andrew Dice Clay...

To many, he is simply "Dice" or "Diceman". The Diceman tells it like he sees it and doesn't care who he offends. To his fans, that's part of his charm.

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Viewer Discretion Advised

You can find video clips of his stand up comedy routines by searching for his name on YouTube. There is also a DVD of his stand up comedy.

He recently participated in Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice 2 on TV with other B-List celebrities like Joan Rivers and Dennis Rodman. His appearance was brief. The Donald fired him first. He must not like dirty nursery rhymes.

Andrew Dice Clay Comedy Albums

Download the Diceman's comedy albums from iTunes. Here's a list of albums (parental discretion advised) -- and a link to each -- currently available:

Please Note: You must have the iTunes software (free download here) installed on your computer for the links to work. Links below will open your iTunes software and display the album in the iTunes store. It takes a few moments longer to open, so please be patient.

Live at Madison Square Garden

Andrew Dice Clay Album Cover - Live at Madison Square Garden

40 Too Long

Andrew Dice Clay Album - 40 Too Long

The Day the Laughter Died

Andrew Dice Clay Album Cover - The Day the Laughter Died

The Day the Laughter Died, Part 2

Andrew Dice Clay Album Cover - The Day the Laughter Died, Part 2


Andrew Dice Clay Album Cover: Dice

Face Down A*s Up

Andrew Dice Clay Album Cover: Face Down A*s Up

The Diceman still tours the country performing stand up comedy. If you're a fan or want to check out his act, visit his web site to find out when he'll be paying your city a visit.

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