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All About the Bunco Dice Game

The bunco dice game represents the female version of the guys' poker night: A popular social game focused on food, fun and friends. Winning is the objective, but women who play find the event itself more fun. In other words, winning isn't everything when it comes to the bunco game.

The game isn't exclusive to women. Men can and do play too. It's just popular with the ladies.

In fact, you can even play the bunco dice game on the go with the Bunco Night Handheld Game.

To play bunco, you need at least 8 players. Ideally, 12 players play because, with 12, you can set up 3 tables of 4 players each. Each table of four divides into 2 teams. Each table has 3 dice to roll. Be sure to designate one table as the "head" table.

In Round 1, you score points by rolling 1's. In round 2, you score points by rolling 2's. I think you get the idea. Each round ends when a team at the head table reaches 21 points or rolls a bunco. If you roll three "4's" in round 4, you've got bunco! The three of a kind must match the number of the round to equal bunco. A bunco roll scores 21 points.

You can either assemble your bunco supplies piece by piece or pick up a boxed version of the game with everything included:

Bunco Time

How to Play Bunco: What's Up with the Cow Bell?

I fully intended to write out the rules for bunco for you to read. However, I discovered that someone already wrote them. Furthermore, they did such a great job that I could do no better. I strongly recommend reading these bunco dice game rules. You'll learn all the rules and find an excellent step-by-step explanation of the game.

Bunco Game Resources

You've read the rules. You know why the game involves a cow bell. Let's look at other resources available to answer your remaining burning questions.

  • Bunco Supplies: Score sheets, decorations, game kits and more. Find a wide selection of bunco supplies for a fun game night with friends.

  • Bunco FAQs: From game definitions to starting your own bunco group, this bunco game FAQ page will provide you with plenty of answers.

  • History of Bunco:The history of bunco will reveal bunco's sketchy past as a target of police raids on bunco parlors as well as the game's revival as a fun social game in the 1980s.

  • World Bunco Association: A game this popular must have an official association, right? Right! You can learn about all things bunco at the World Bunco Association.

  • Find a Bunco Group: Join an online bunco community to find a bunco dice game group, make new friends and share or learn bunco tips and ideas with other players.


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