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Among dice manufacturers, Crystal Caste Dice occupies a special niche. The company, based in Arizona and owned by Michael Bowling, manufactures and sells role playing dice in truly unique shapes and materials. Their products include gorgeous crystal dice, shaped like geometric crystals, and dwarven stones.

Dwarven stones are polyhedral dice crafted from precious stones and semi-precious metals. Stones include obsidian, agate, jade, quartz and (my favorite) tiger eye. Metals include copper, chrome, brass and steel.

Their prices reflect each product's unique qualities. After all, where else can you expect to find dice made from meteorites, dinosaur fossils or mammoth ivory?

On the flip side, the company does offer very affordable custom dice; available in small quantities too.

Web site: Crystal Caste Dice

Crystal Caste Products:

Dice - Crystal dice, dwarven stones, fantasy dice, affordable custom dice, classic dice
Accessories - dice bags, combat gaming mat, skull bag, glass gaming stones (Eldritch Gems)
Jewelry - dice pendants and earrings
Miscellaneous - wooden treasure chest with hidden compartment, Jingle Bones (Christmas stocking full of dice), pewter miniatures

Where to buy:

1. Crystal Caste Web site
2. Gamer's Attic
3. Game Master Dice
4. Crystal Caste on Amazon
5. At a local gaming store: Find one near you.

Contact Info:


Phone: 1-888-3CC-3423

Mailing Address:

Crystal Caste, LLC.
7931 S. Avenida De Pina
Tucson, Arizona 85747

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