Enjoy These Free Dice Games Online

Here's a great list of fun free dice games online! You can enjoy newer games like Dice Wars, Checkmate and Expedition Africa and the classics of Liars Dice, Zilch and Monopoly. If your favorite four letter words are free and dice, then you've just hit the jackpot.

You may need to download free plug-in software like, Flash or Java. Your computer will tell you when it needs to download one of those plug-ins. Aside from that, you can play these games with Internet Explorer, FireFox or your favorite web browser.

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These free online dice games make my list for several reasons, besides being entertaining, of course. They have to be truly free, with no strings attached. They also must be easy to access, not buried underneath layers of login screens, ads or menus.

I also prefer games with nice layouts and easy to follow directions. Call me choosy, but I don't have time to figure out which button to click via trial and error. I've played these dice games online and I gladly recommend them to you.


1. Online Zilch Dice Game
Here's a well designed game that will also teach the rules as you play. The rules are very similar to the classic games of Farkle or 10,000. You can play against a friend or a computer opponent. It has 3 levels of difficulty to keep you busy for a while.
2. Online Liars Dice, Pirate Style
My favorite game is Liars Dice. What could be better than playing with some pirates like Captain Jack Sparrow, William Turner and Captain Barbossa? Get into the pirate spirit and play one of the best free dice games online with the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

3. Dice of Destiny
A free game based partly on the classic Shut the Box dice game.

4. Dice Wars
A fun, strategy game that blends dice rolling with a a Risk-like map to conquer. Easy to learn, hard to stop playing. You can play the computer or a half dozen friends.

5. Checkmate Dice Game
Are you up for a thinking man's (or woman's) challenge? Try to figure out the answer to this logic game. If you succeed, keep the answer a secret!

6. Monopoly City Streets Online Game
A brilliant twist on the classic board game from Hasbro, Monopoly City Streets uses Google Maps to build cities and streets before owning them. Be patient though. This game is free, the web site is brand new and overwhelmed by user traffic. You can read a news article for more details.

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7. Expedition Africa 
Can you complete a 970 mile trek from Zanzibar to Ujiji? That's the challenge presented to you. The History Channel's web site delivers a fun, dice-based adventure game with great graphics. If you roll the dice well, you'll make it. Good luck!

8. 10,000 Dice Game (Farkle)
This 2-dimensional free dice game can be played against a computer opponent or against other fellow humans. The scoring rules are displayed in the upper left corner for easy viewing. The game uses 2-dimensional dice. You will play with hexagonal shaped dice with all 6 numbers on 1 side. The number you roll is the one that appears in the center top position. You'll get the idea once you see the dice. It's a visual thing.

9. Online Dice Jigsaw Puzzle
Free dice games online include jigsaw puzzles. This 100 piece jigsaw puzzle depicts two dice on a colored background. Don't let the clock distract you, but you are being timed. There's an "auto solve" option in case you get stuck, frustrated or need to get back to work.

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10. Kid Friendly Online Dice Jigsaw Puzzle
This is a great game for kids of all ages. The game can be customized for easy or hard levels (i.e. few pieces or lots of pieces). When 2 pieces fit, the game links them together for the player to build on.

For more games, I'd recommend browsing the posts of a discussion group dedicated to dice games online.

The list has just begun, so please check back soon for new additions.

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