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Proud of its American roots and reputation for invention, the GameScience Dice Company deliver high quality precision dice for role playing games. This dice manufacturer prides itself on precision, creating sharp edged dice that roll more accurately than those with rounded edges.

The founder of the company, Colonel Louis Zocchi, invented the 100 sided die, or D100 for short. In honor of its inventor, the D100 is commonly called the Zocchihedron. GameScience also invented the D-Total die, which is "17 dice in one."

Gamestation, Inc. recently acquired GameScience. As a result, you can find product information on the GameScience web site. For purchases, visit the Gamestation web site.

Web site: GameScience Dice - Product Info and Gamestation - Online Retailer

GameScience Products:

Gem Dice, glowing dice, opaque dice, pearl dice, metallic dice, D-Total, 100 sided dice, 14 sided dice, 3 sided dice.

Where to Buy:

2.RPG Shop
3.GameScience on Amazon
4.Your local game store (Start a local search)

Contact Info:

Email:Gamestation Customer Service

Phone: 1-866-600-3684, extension 307

Mailing Address:

Gamestation, Inc.
PO Box 4099
Leitchfield, KY 42754-4099

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