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Gordon Gekko Would Love
the Greed Dice Game

The movie character Gordon Gekko would love the Greed Dice Game. After all, the Michael Douglas character famously declared that "Greed is Good" in the movie Wall Street. In the dice game Greed, the word "GREED$" is indeed good for you. Roll the dice and spell it plus the "$" sign to earn a 1,000 points.

Dice Game Greed Overview

The Greed Dice Game is based on the game Zilch which has also been called 5000. Like the Zilch dice game, your goal is to win by accumulating more than 5,000 points first. The main difference lies in the specialized dice.

In Zilch, you use standard 6-sided dice with numbers on them. In Greed, you use 6-sided dice with the letters "G" "R" "E" "D" and the "$" symbol etched on them.

Here's what you'll find each of the 6 dice included in the game:

Side 1: "G" (orange color)
Side 2: "R" (red color)
Side 3: "E" (green color)
Side 4: "E" (black color)
Side 5: "D" (blue color)
Side 6: "$" (silver color)


Rule 1: Each turn begins with a player rolling all 6 dice until a minimum of 500 points is scored.

Rule 2: After passing 500 points, a player may choose to stop and take the points or stay greedy and keep rolling.

Rule 3: After each roll, a scoring die or dice must be set aside. If a player continues to roll, there are fewer dice and a greater risk of failing to score and losing points.

Rule 4: If no scoring die or dice are rolled, the player's turn is over and all points accumulated on that turn are lost. You get "Zilch" or zero points. This is called a "Greed-Out" in the Greed dice game.

Rule 5: Scoring die from different rolls cannot be combined.

Example: You roll one "G", set it aside and then re-roll remaining 5 dice with these results: "R" "E" "E" "D" "$". You cannot combine the results to score 1,000 points. (In fact, the only scoring play on the second roll is the letter "D" for 100 points)

Rule 6: Once a player passes 5,000 points and stops, all remaining players have one chance to roll for a higher score and win.

Dice Game Greed: How to Keep Score

1 "G" = 50 points
1 "D" = 100 points
$GREED = 1000 Points
$$$ = 600 points
GGG = 500 points
RRR = 400 points
Blue EEE = 300 points
Green EEE = 300 points
DDDD = 1000 points
6 of a Kind: 5000 points

You can download a free score sheet for Zilch which can be used for the GREED Dice Game too.

Greed Dice Game

Dice Game Greed

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