The Help Your Neighbor
Dice Game

While playing the Help Your Neighbor dice game, natural givers must resist the urge to give. In this game, of course, it is nearly impossible to control. The dice determine who benefits, bu you could even help yourself!

Dice Game Rules

After finding some friendly neighbors, here are the rules you'll need to play this game:

# of Players:

2 or more...6 is ideal.

Game Gear:

3 dice, 1 dice cup (optional) and 10 counters per player
Note: A counter can be anything as long as you have enough for all players: poker chips, pennies, dried pasta etc.

Length of Game:

You can expect to play at least 10 minutes per game.

How to Win:

The first player to put all of their counters in the pot.

How to Play

Ok, let's say you've got 5 friends sitting around your kitchen table ready to play the Help Your Neighbor dice game. The dice game rules are easy to learn. Read them below or download the free help your neighbor dice game rules. To begin, everyone picks a number 1 - 6.

Here's the result: Joe chooses 1, Sam is 2, Melissa is 3, Andrea is 4, Brian is 5 and you're 6.(Note: If you only have 5 total players, then don't assign the number "6" and ignore that number when it is rolled.)

Each player takes a turn throwing three dice. Let's say you roll first. Your throw results in a 2-3-5 roll. Sam, Melissa and Brian smile as they put a counter into the pot.

The dice are passed clockwise. Joe rolls next and throws a 1-1-3. Lucky Joe! He rolled his own number. Twice. He puts two counters into the pot. Melissa puts another in as well.

Right now, Joe and Melissa are tied for the lead. Both have only 8 counters left. Joe passes the dice to the next player, Andrea, to roll.

The first player to put all their counters into the pot wins.

Game Variations

If you've got more than 6 players, you can play the game with three polyhedral dice instead. Use three 8 sided dice or 10 sided dice instead. That way, you can assign the extra players a number over 6.

With large numbers of players, reduce the number of "counters" each player receives in order to speed up the game.

To speed up any game without reducing the number of counters, increase the total number of dice thrown to four.

Dice on Display

Yellow Dragon Dice

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