Mountain Climbing with
the Matterhorn Dice Game

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To win the Matterhorn dice game, your goal is to climb a mountain with only three dice. Carabiners, rope, sherpas, and pick axes won't help you scale this peak. Only dice, lady luck and some math skills will help you succeed.

Are you ready for the challenge?

If you're curious about the name of the game, just click on the link to view the score sheet.

Matterhorn is one of the better dice games for kids. It is simple to play. A kid friendly score sheet is available too!

You can also download a less silly Matterhorn dice game score sheet for free. The game rules are included --short and sweet-- on the score sheet too.

There are 2 variations to playing this game:

To climb the mountain, the numbers must be rolled in order.


The numbers can be crossed off the score sheet in any order.

Option 2 is simpler and makes it a dice game for kids to easily understand. Either way, the game encourages basic math skills (adding) in a fun way.
Your kids may not even realize they're doing math as they try to climb the mountain.

Matterhorn Dice Game: Simpler Rules for Little Ones

If you are playing with little ones (4 -6 year olds), you can simplify the game even more.

1. Use one score sheet for all players.
2. Start with one die to begin the game.
3. To begin, one player takes a turn rolling to try and get the number "1".

If a player doesn't roll the correct number ("1" in this example), then the next player gets a turn. If a player rolls the "1", then he/she gets another turn to try and roll a "2", etc.

4. The player who rolls the correct number circles that number on the score sheet.
5. When you've circled numbers 1-6, use two dice to roll for numbers 7-10.
6. For numbers 11-12, roll three dice.
7. The "winner" of the game is the lucky person who rolls the final "1" at the bottom of the other side of the mountain.

For a faster game, just play "King of the Mountain." The winner is the lucky person who rolls the "12" at the top of the mountain.

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