Pictures of Dice

There are so many pictures of dice to choose! Below you'll find a selection of pictures from different categories, including: color, black/white, games and popular culture. Click on the one you like for more info.

Dedicated dice collectors also proudly display their pictures of their collections. You can view pictures of dice by visiting their web sites. I'll recommend two for you: Carmela's Dice web site and the Dice Collector.

Stock Photos

Quality stock photos make a web site or printed publication come alive. A picture is worth 1000 words; an old saying, but still 100% accurate. With stock photos, you get a professional picture and the legal approval to use it. You save time searching for and editing lesser-quality photos.

50 free prints

If you need photos of dice or gaming, you must look at Getty Images. They offer 23 pages of eye-popping, gorgeous stock pictures of dice.

If you're looking for the best selection and best quality, go Getty. You won't regret it. You'll get a great photo.

Here's a screen shot of some stock dice photos available from Getty:

If you're looking for stock photos on a budget, I recommend iStockphoto for a plentiful selection of dice photos. It is a subscription service, but well worth it. I've used it for several of the graphics on this site!

In fact, I'd be happy to share my collection with you. View dice pictures that I grouped together on my iStockphoto account. It is free to look. You need to buy them if you want pictures of dice without a watermark embedded on the image.

Photo Art Selections

Whether in color or black and white, dice pictures evoke strong feelings. Which one do you like?

Artfire offers another source for dice photos. This dice picture shows an orange die with a simple background.


I found these at There are more to view too. If you visit their site, find the you'll find a search button. Type in "Dice" to find more photos.

Black and White or Sepia Photos

Picture of Dice on Financial Pages

Dice on Financial Pages

Fuzzy Dice Hanging from Rearview Mirror

Fuzzy Dice Hanging

Dice Pictures in Color

Disco Dice Photo

Disco Dice

Dice on Blue Background

Dice on blue background

Dice and Money

Dice and money


Roll of the Dice

Roll the dice

Dice with Slot Machines and Chips:

Dice, Slot Machine

Five Dice in a Cup

Dice in a Cup

Popular Culture and History

Picture of fuzzy dice hanging from rearview mirror of a convertible

Dice in car window

Picture of Comedian Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew 'Dice' Clay

3 dice from the Acropolis of ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Dice

Sandstone Dice and Games

Sandstone dice

Dice on Display

Scarlet and Gold Scarab Dice

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