Hog Heaven:
Playing the Pig Dice Game

Winning the pig dice game may take a bit longer than cooking bacon and eggs. Don't cook and play at the same time or you may burn your food.

Rules of the Game

I like rules short and simple. However, that doesn't always add up to easy. If you're good at rolling aces ("ones"), this may not be the game for you.

Equipment: One 6-sided die, pencil and paper.

Players: 2 or more

Objective: Be the first player to score 100 points or more.

  • Rule #1: Throw the die to determine order of play, lowest roll goes first.
  • Rule #2: Player 1 rolls the die and adds up the numbers after each roll.
  • Rule #3: Player 1 may stop rolling at any time and end the turn
  • Rule #4: Player 1 will lose all points for the turn when a "1" is rolled.
  • Rule #5: If player 1 gets to 100 points on his/her first turn (bravo!), the other player(s) may take their turn to try and achieve a better score
  • Are you a big fan of the pig dice game or of pigs in general? You can buy unique dice for the pig dice game. These white dice have a picture of a pink pig on 1 of the 6 sides, in place of the "one" spot.

    Also Recommended...

    Pass the Pigs is a delightful twist on a dice game. You actually roll little rubber pigs instead of dice. If you've ever dreamed of rolling pigs, then you'll be in hog heaven. (Please forgive me. I couldn't help myself.)

    Kids and adults will love playing. The scoring is based on the resting position of the pigs after they've tumbled around on the table. With names like "hoofer", "snouter", "pig out" and the dreaded-lose-all-your-points "oinker", the game is fun roll after roll.

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