The Q-Workshop Dice

If you want to see examples of dice as art, look for Q-Workshop dice. Designed for role playing games (rpg) and fans of RPG, these eye-pleasing dice enhance the gaming experience for dice fans around the world.

Based in Poland, the dice manufacturer is a proud member of the Game Manufacturer's Association (GAMA). Their dice are highly regarded by customers and the company has received plenty of positive media attention as a result. You can read about Q-workshop dice in the news.

Their 2010 dice catalog has been posted on their site too. One of the highlights: New Pirate Dice coming in March!

The company happily works with artists and individuals interested in designing their own dice. Q-workshop will create custom dice engraved on all sides for a reasonable price. Here's an example of their custom dice.

Web site:


Role playing dice: elven, runic, dragon, skull, Earthdawn, battle, World War II, nuke and more.
Custom dice: Designed to your artistic vision.
Accessories: Dice bags and dice cups with graphics to compliment the different types of role playing dice.

Where to buy:

2. RPG Shop
3. (search for q-workshop)

Contact Info:

Email: Shop@Q-workshop

Phone: (914) 613-3423 or +48 601 319 710

Dice on Display

Q Workshop Elvish Dice Set

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