Drop Dead Dice Game

Drop Dead Dice delivers a fun, fast paced game for any number of players. Kids get a kick out playing this dice game too. Your chances of winning depend on your ability to avoid rolling "fives" and "twos". High score wins, so you need find your lucky rabbit foot to summon good fortune.

Dice Game Rules

# of Players:

Game Gear:
5 dice and one dice cup

Length of Game:
1 to 5 rounds

How to Win:
Score the highest number of points after the final round

How to Play

1. To begin, Player A takes a turn rolling all 5 dice and adding up the numbers for a score.

Example: Bob rolls 5 dice with these results: 4-6-3-1-5.

2. If any of the 5 dice rolled include a "five" or a "two", Player A earns no points for that roll AND any die with "five" or "two" is removed from the remaining rolls.

Example: Bob must remove the "five" from his next roll and cannot score any points for the roll of 4-6-3-1-5.

3. Player A rolls again, adding up the total unless "twos" or "fives" appear. If present, "twos" and "fives" are again removed and no points are scored.

Example: Bob rolls his remaining 4 dice with these results: 4-6-1-3. He scores 14 points.

4. Player A continues to roll and score points until all dice are gone.

Example: Bob rolls 4 dice again with these results: 3-5-2-2. No points are scored and 3 dice are removed from his next roll.

5. Dice are passed to the next player after last die shows a "five" or "two".

Example: Bob rolls his last die with these results: "5". No points are scored for this roll. His total for this round is 14.

These dice game rules can be modified; if all players agree to the changes. You can change the number of rounds in the game. Short on time? Play 1 round. Having lots of fun? Play 5 rounds.

Another rule change to consider: Only allow either the "five" or the "two" (not both) to cancel points on a roll. This rule would create more scoring and extend the length of each round.

A piece of paper and a pencil will work, but it is nice to have an official score sheet to use. Download your free Drop Dead Dice score sheet here. Happy Gaming!

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